Anonymous Beautiful Blue Sky

really love not seeing clouds for once!

posted: 10/10/18

Anonymous Oct sunset

Sunset in Atwater Ohio

posted: 10/9/18

Anonymous Sun in the falls

Summer sun still around

posted: 10/8/18

Anonymous Look at that cloud top!

Look at that cloud top!

posted: 10/8/18

Anonymous Sunset last night

Sunset in Wayne county

posted: 8/9/18

Anonymous Raining at GM in Parma

Steady rain in Parma,Ohio

posted: 8/7/18

Anonymous Chimera litton

Lighting up the sky in painesville

posted: 8/7/18

lajones3 Shelf cloud

Shelf cloud in New Lyme this evening. Cool!

posted: 8/6/18

Anonymous Sunrise off Avon Lake 8/4/18

Sunrise off Avon Lake 8/4/18

posted: 8/6/18

Anonymous Downtown Wooster Rainbow

Taken while walking out of work at Omahoma Bob's BBQ in Wooster

posted: 7/3/18